Senior Sales Engineer
Department:Engineering DepartmentLocation:Dongguan

Basic Benefits:

1. Size week, 8 hours per day working system;

2. Organize two staff travel every year, organize birthday party every month, organize all kinds of recreational activities irregularly;

3. The company's annual salary range of up to 5%~10%, outstanding performance, the salary range of up to 20%~30%;

4. The company sets year-end awards, performance awards and rich project bonuses, to provide perfect, professional training and promotion space;

5. The company for each employee to buy pension, medical, work-related injuries, fertility, unemployment insurance, housing provident fund, etc.;

6. Employees enjoy legal holidays, marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, funeral leave and other paid holidays, work for a full year can enjoy paid annual leave;

7. Employee accommodation environment is superior, dormitory equipped with air conditioning, Wifi, water heater, independent balcony, bathroom and so on, outside the room enjoy 100 yuan / month allowance;

8. The company provides free working meals, meals two times a week;

9. The company has gym, KTV, badminton courts, table tennis room, billiards room, basketball courts and other recreational fitness facilities.

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